A wonderful group I first saw a few years back through Dancehouse.


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Cutlure Crawl 2012

I will be taking part of the East side Culture Crawl this year … there are many other studios that will be open at the ARC – the Artist Resource Centre 1701 Powell Street (At Commercial Dr)

Make sure to Check out SleepytimeProductions – suite 511

The Culture Crawl will be happening all over East Vancouver …


Come by for some inspiration and see what’s both Hot and Local.

Culture Crawl 2012:


A full map can be printed through the above URL

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Dear Readers,So…

Dear Readers,

Sometimes we can lack direction. Sometimes the word, “sometimes” is an understatement, you know what I’m saying right? If you are human, the answer is likely yes. However, part of our process is to be more content with what we have accomplished and who we have shaped ourselves to be. It is also important to be positive and patient in the creating process as opposed to being judgemental towards ourselves because we have not been producing as much as we think we should have yadidadadadada


In all of the above … I have been quite guilty.

Having had a very fun summer, experienced new things and received many different forms of inspiration, I am not ready to buckle down and focus more on creating artwork and working towards an overtone/ theme. That of 1. fucking awesomeness and 2. Ecological sustainability.


How will I do this?

Well, in the art of textiles, there are always leftovers. Always always always scraps of fabric left over from your projects. What can we do about this? Well, these pieces can be used to create fun innovative projects, and I plan on evolving to recycled leather, canvas and sails to promote environmental sustainability and to overall prove that asides from laziness there are no reasons that textiles and art itself cannot be environmentally responsible.


Besides, things are always better in small batches.

Here is a little something I created this morning…

Happy Sunday


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Pin-up. Perfection of sexy

Today I bring you a little taste of Pinup!

Here is a very well circulated photograph of Betty Grable … mostly popular in the World War 2 era. Followed by some accessories and other fun photographs I pulled from Etsy.com … I dare you to search Pin-up on Etsy, a large dose of inspiration may follow. Get some creative juices flowing or at least enjoy some gorgeous babes.

If you enjoy the style, there are many simple pin-up like accessories that anyone can enjoy and wear easily … such as a necklace with a pin-up babe. Wear that beneath your suite and tie in secret, or over your summer dress with fishnets and pumps.

Lastly … a wonderous video by the Saturdays, “I just cant get enough”. They cover the majority of the pin-up frontier …

Just cant get enough:

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Simple Tshirt Surgery.

Guess what folks …

you dont need to spend $45000 on a degree in sewing or fashion school to make your clothes look great or justify the simple things you can do with a pair of scissors and saftey pins to give your old Tshirts that extra little something …


here are a few awesome pieces from the corners of the internet/ other art blogs that you can make yourself for … free?

sure, why not.

For use of safteypins… just go crazy!

to get that look of the cut out shirts, first cut the shirt and then give the fabric a stretch. Secure the fabric at either end and then pull it using equal pressure from either side to stress the fabric and give it the special look

Cotton shirts are most ideal, if its not cotton try it anyways, if it doesnt turn out exactly how you liked it there are always safety pins or other details you can experiement with.

Happy Tshirt Surgery

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The best of the Garbage Bag Dress.

The best of the Garbage Bag Dress! who doesn’t love the garbage bag dress? It is a perfect conceptual art idea … trash into fashion. Andy Warhol once said, “Everybody’s Plastic, but I love Plastic. I want to be plastic”

Here are a few fun photos of plastic at its best … there are about 20 or so bags a box, take those scissors and some tape and let your imagination run wild. The bag itself was invented by a Canadian man named Harry Wasylyk in the 1950’s, I imagine he did not anticipate to see it worn as a garment, or a statement for that matter … however I think he would approve






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Trashy Art, street art, and stop motion Awesomeness!

Hello Dear Readers,
Here are a few fun little clips from YouTube to sex up your coffee break etc.
Inflatable street art in New York City.
“Part of the magic of it is that it looks like trash on the street, and then it become animated and it comes to life”
I would also encourage you to subscribe to New York Magazine on YouTube and check out their videos
Here are some fun grafiti animations traveling over various wall space. In the world of graff there are zillions of videos to look at and to marvel, this one caught my eye because of the animation process and sound FX etc. Style Wars is a great video on graffiti, also free courtesy of YouTube (I love YouTube)

This one is a Japanese stop motion animation consisting of a chase between a wolf and a pig. One of the best that I have personally seen, comic, cute, including pictures of Japan cityscape placed within the directors apartment. My favourite part of the video is the wolf diving after the pig at 3:10

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