Ecological Sustainability

Ecologically Sustainable Clothing Does not have to be Depressing, Meek or Boring.
I dont really blame people for not wanting to know all the grimey details about what they wear. I do however, want people to realize that today there are more options now then there ever have been on how to wear clothing that is both environmentally aware, slave labour free and still sexy.


I want you to know that when you buy a T-shirt from Walmart you are contributing to a violently sputtering, oil buring, “clunker car” like machine crawling at 10 miles and hour in the slow lane, or shoulder of the road… contributing to a large global system which benefits precious few, except for some shareholders/ investors, poisons the planet and contributes largely to exploitation of labour across the globe.

The textile business is one of the dirtiest; in fact, Cotton soaks up 10% of the worlds pesticides and 25% of its insecticides many of which are extremely toxic; this excludes all of the chemicals are used to dye, and texture fabrics, let alone the products required to produce synthetic materials.

It can take up to a half pound of chemicals to make one T-shirt (thats a lot)

And, it doesnt have to be this way …


*Stats from Ecoholic by Adria Vasil Copyright 2007




-smaller batches of clothing

large batches of clothing in production sewing create mass amounts of slag (scrap fabric) which is thrown out/ unused.

-smaller companies with integrity business plans including environmental sustainability

Unless you take measures to be ecologically sustainable or environmentally aware, it wont come back into your business plan, usually because truth behold, it can be more expensive, or it will differ from more conventional types of high volume production (ex taking more time for orders)

-Staying away from Labels

Bigger labels require cheaper labour and have more legal power for exploitation of their workers. Somehow when things go big, often the perspective gets altered, and integrity doesnt follow in proportion to the opportunity to make more money. There is nothing wrong with making money. There is however something wrong with using your workers; paying them pitiful wages in poor working conditions to create large corporate profit.

Often labels are a sign of quality and social acceptance, in several different cultures. If we could break these pseudo cultural standards, we can create a textile market that does not fuel the same “clunker car” machine. (see above)


Businesses that put the Earth First and have Environmental Awareness

Jewellery deriving from Recycled Gold

Organic Wool sweaters

Wholesale T-shirts that are sweat shop free



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