Welcome to SleepytimeProductions
This project started a few years back during an apprenticeship for production sewing, where I developed a severe OCD obsession with recycling, not wanting to throw away the amount of slag and scrap fabric used in production sewing and overall try to be more efficient and eco-friendly while still being a bad ass.
Working high volume wasn’t quite my thing, I thought that small batches of designs and custom orders made with love would be the best way to launch a project such as this and would be interesting enough that I could keep it up for more than 10 months. etc. etc.
And now here we are, I like to share ecologically sustainable art, street art, under appreciated art. Things that are fun and pretty and yet not mainstream or vomit inducing.

I have some interesting articles and a rather fun collection of Imagery in addition to some of the photographs that I have posted. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for finding your way to my website

Ian –

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