Window shopping



Where does window shopping come from?
According to the urban dictionary:

When one visits a store or mall to admire goods rather than to purchase them. The ‘shopper’ seems to be looking so intently at the glass in storefront windows that he appears to want to buy the window itself, hence ‘window shopping’.

“You seem to be really interested in that sweater. Do you plan on getting it?” 

“No, I’m just window shopping.”

Here and there I find window shopping is a great form of inspiration and “idea shopping”, also a form of discipline in not indulging in purchasing all the cool things that one may be attracted to. I think the definition of maturity itself was the “delaying of pleasure for the bigger picture itself”, correct? Something along those lines …

Don’t rush to/ from work today, take a second to window shop. I dare you : )

I also LOVE distortion, and the look of windows and glare from glass without polarized filters.
Happy Thursday,

Guy @ sleepytimeproductions.

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